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With Draggi,

the symbol of fair Trucker setzr the FahrGut Club again this year on sympathy and better cooperation in road transport.

Andreas the Trucker

aus`m Pott supported of course by the usual, friendly and amusing way our dialogue with truckers on Youtube.

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Make emergency lane right
Revision since 01.01.2017

In case of accidents on multi-lane roads and highways rescue lanes must be formed so that emergency vehicles can as quickly as possible to advance to the accident.

Since 01.01.2017 the new regulation is in force.
No more searching for the middle
If you drive right and who drive on the left saw too often confusion

So far, the rescue lane at four or more lanes roadways was formed in the middle. The search for the center (who moves to the right, who moves to the left) prepares many motorists injured.

Therefore now applies the following new Highway Code rules (§ 11 paragraph 2 StVO):

Once vehicles driving on motorways and on roads outside urban areas with at least two lanes for one direction at a walking pace or the vehicles are at a standstill, they shall for the transit of police and auxiliary vehicles between the leftmost and the immediately right adjacent lane for a direction form a free lane.

With a few words explained:                                   
The emergency lane is generally formed between the left lane and right remaining lanes.

The search for the center is eliminated. The legislator hopes that the formation of an emergency lane succeed better and more quickly. Drivers on the left lanes in congestion soft left out, all the other to the right.
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